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Links and Resources

I list here links to sites with more developmental ideas and resources.

Action Plan Marketing
Action Plan Marketing by Robert Middleton is a rich source of marketing advice (with some good free stuff) for independent professionals.
Appreciative Inquiry
This is the Appreciative Inquiry Commons website at Case Western Reserve University where Ai was first researched. It is comprehensive, very friendly and interactive. I highly recommend it.
Appreciative Living
Appreciative Living has practical and inspiring books, articles and other resources to help people find simple ways to create the life they want. Highly recommended.
Be a master at executive coaching and leadership!
Rich links to crucial aspects of coaching and leadership. Thanks you Michelle of Northwest Home School group www. for directing me to this.
Jeff Haebig has an interesting array of engaging body/brain-friendly teaching activities designed to make vibrant learning come alive, for all ages, and all learning styles.
Free career help, business training, organisational development - inspirational, innovative ideas, materials, exercises, tools, templates - ethical, free and fun.
Clean Change
Many fascinating articles and resources about the use of clean language for business and personal development. Highly recommended
Corporate Tool Box
The Corporate Tool-box online training resources for speakers, trainers, HR managers and businesses
The Coverdale Organisation
Simple, practical methods from pioneers in organisation development and experiential learning.
Educator Labs
This site provides links to rich and varied resources across the web to help teachers teach more interesting and relevant lessons. You can also request specific resources.
Eight Key Elements of a Successful Remote Meeting
This is a useful Infographic about the technical and procedural things you need to do to run a remote meeting successfully.
Esoteric Science - The science of spirituality
Fascinating, detailed and well presented information about metaphysics, spirituality and new science in the 21st century. This indicates that the world is now ready for a modern presentation of esoteric knowledge. Highly recommended.
Famous Inspirational Quotes and Sayings
Words to inspire you and start your day on a positive note
Focus Adventure Experiential Training
Experiential training for team building and leadership skills. Sponsors excellent Magic of Teams blog
Site about how to have better connection between grandparents and grand children. Includes activities, stories and articles with practical advice.
Guide to Active Reviewing
For free tips, tools, articles, links + e-zines for dynamic experiential learning
How to recover from addiction
A very gentle and positive guide on how to recover from addiction. Highly recommended.
Imagine Chicago
Imagine Chicago project shows the power of appreciative intergenerational interviewing to develop a shared vision for a city. Much positive action followed from this. Imagine Chicago has led to other "Imagine" projects across the world.
Leader Letter
LeaderLetter is a very interesting weekly newsletter on leadership and management skills.
Leap UK
Belbin Team Role Theory and other developmental resources provided by Leap UK, team building and personal development specialists.
Liberating Structures
Liberating Structures: Including and unleashing everyone. Practical, simple, effective methods to engage people and liberate creativity and cooperation that anyone can use.
Free higher management education portal summarizes over 300 management methods, models and organizational theories. It is clear, accessible. and easy to navigate.
Marshall Goldsmith Library
This has some very useful articles from the world's greatest coach.
New Paradigm Consulting
A rich source of resources for those wanting to explore the notion of organisations as complex systems. Offers information and articles on culture change, large scale interventions and other 'new paradigm' approaches to organisational change.
Peer resources
Rey Carr's Peer Resources is a global authority on peer assistance, coaching, and mentoring with many excellent resources and links.
Personal Development Workshops
These workshops use Core Process and other tools to give participants a powerful, focused and supportive personal development experience.
The Positive Encourager
These articles encourage positive thinking and action in people, teams and organisations for the benefit of present and future generations.
Public Speaking: An Online Resource Guide
Useful list of resources and advice for anyone wishing to speak in public
Re-evaluation Counselling
Re-evaluation Counselling is a way to recover our ability to think and act intelligently and help other people do the same.
Sample resumes
Find the right resume sample. Get info on resume services and job search
Ten Tips for Public Speaking: Overcome Public Spea
Just one of the excellent resources on
Top Entrepreneur
A website for Entrepreneurs with Business Plans, Financial Calculators, Marketing advice and Business Articles and free Business Plan samples
Trainers Library
The Trainers Library is a rich source of ideas, designs and resources to help you design effective training more quickly and more effectively.
Ubu Mama
Ubu Mama is an arts-based project dedicated to bringing mothers' stories of giving birth in the developing world into public view, to honour the lives of mothers and to increase the commitment to saving the lives of women dying in childbirth.
Wise old sayings
A collection of wise quotes, proverbs and sayings gathered from all over the world
Work911 is a free directory of the best work-related articles available on the Internet.
WorkshopExercises is a community of professional trainers who are willing to share outstanding exercises and activities that have worked for them. There are many different useful and practical exercises on the site.
World Good Will
World Goodwill promotes and highlights the energy of goodwill in human affairs. The articles and analyses describe uplifting spiritual ideas and practical actions to achieve them.
The world needs knowledge catalysts
A very elegant description by Harold Jarche of the roles people adopt in the digital world. Knowledge catlaysts use high sense making and high sharing, so help us all learn.
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