Tools and consultancy to help people listen to each other and work together better
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For Individuals
These ideas are for individuals who want to develop themselves.
Sitting Pretty
The negative health effects of sitting too long and what to do about it.
A gentle introduction to cocounselling
Cocounselling is a simple and powerful way for people to give and receive help. It helps you think more clearly and act more effectively.
Being and Doing
We spend our time doing, but are happiest and most effective being. What can we do about this?
Four overlapping circles that point to the ideal work for you.
Building Peace
This is an edited version of an older article that gives some ideas on how to build peace in the world around youand in yourself. This may be helpful now.
Career Crisis Counselling
A person needs to fully express any negative feelings about their situation and story and be heard. Then she or he can work on practical things.
Cheeky questions: An enjoyable way to get to know each other better
This is a very simple and enjoyable way to build or deepen a relationship.
Choosing work
This simple tool can help people decide what sort of work is right for them.
Core Process
You tell your story to an interested listener and think about your peak experiences using a simple tool. As a result you learn about your unique talent and what you are on the planet to do. The experience is profound.
Facing Personal Change
How change affects people and how to cope with its personal effects. This uses dealing with redundancy as an example, but the ideas are universal.
How's your love life? by Jackie Kelm
These simple questions are enjoyable to answer together and will help you feel and be closer. Try them, you will be surprised and glad.
Installing Love
Inspiring and funny conversation between "Tech support" and a customer wishing to "Install Love". Thanks to the unknown author.
Life goals map
The things you do and think today create the future you live in tomorrow. This simple tool can help you plan so you are more likely to live the life you want.
One Secret of Happiness
When we share times when we were happy and times when we make others happy, it makes us happy (and builds community).
Love is on the way
This is a poem I wrote in a poetry workshop. It means a lot to me.
Why so many people are working late, the costs and what can we do about it.
Realise your potential!
Core process work will help you know who you are, identify your unique strength and use it enjoyably.
Recovering our ability to learn
Most infants learn very effectively. This article gives some ideas about how adults an recover this ability.
Removing Emotional Blocks to Success
Emotional blocks can get in the way of us being both happy and successful. They can be shifted. This article shows how.
Saying No and being Positive
How to recover our ability to say "No!", when it is our interests to do so.
Time Diary
A Time Diary helps you become more aware of how you use time. Then you can decide to change the way you use your time, if you wish.
What makes a good CV?
Two personnel managers give their ideas about what makes a good CV.
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