Tools and consultancy to help people listen to each other and work together better
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Case examples
These pages give stories about the work. They describe the present situation, what we did about it and the results.
Consultancy to a Director
A Director had less than a day to turn around an IT project that was going horribly wrong. We talked about it for an afternoon and decided what to do. He did it, and it worked.
Crisis Counselling
A man was being intimidating and verbally abusive. His job was on the line if he did not change his behaviour. I helped him understand himself better and he changed permanently.
Designing developmental workshops for a client
A European Employee Development Director wanted to develop people and teams across Europe, including Eastern Europe and Russia. I helped him design, develop and test workshops which he ran successfully across Europe, with excellent results.
Improving a complex system
An organisation had a complex system for testing a potentially hazardous raw material. The manager and I helped the operators of the system simplify and improve it themselves.
Intercultural workshops
This is a story about a recent piece of work designing intercultural workshops. It shows how I worked with a client and what came from it.
Preventing a major strike
A major strike threatened that could have had serious economic and human consequences. I helped the managers share their best thinking and prevent it.
Profiling excellent performers
This describes work to discover what made the very best sales people in a computer company special. The results were surprising and helped guide recruitment, training and development decisions.
Team Building
Team members had uncomfortable personal relationships that reduced their effectiveness. A tailored team building workshop solved the problem
Team of Two of Manager and PA
This describes work to develop manager and PA teams using a simple tool - the Team of Two. Most pairs found this easy and helpful to use to help the work together be more efficient and more enjoyable.
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