Tools and consultancy to help people listen to each other and work together better
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Effective Meetings
Some simple tools and ideas that can transform meetings.
Developmental Meetings
A developmental meeting is a meeting to think about how to do things better. This describes how to run one effectively.
How to have more effective meetings?
Simple, practical methods you can use immediately
How to help your group work better
Describes what happens in groups and what anybody can do to help.
Managing Large Meetings
This shows you how to combine the efficiency of large meetings with the effective interaction of small ones.
Meeting for support
How senior people with different needs and interests can work together and help each other.
Running groups
Simple things you can do that help groups work productively.
Systematic Approach to getting things done
Coverdale training created this powerful model by observing what successful groups of people did when they were doing tasks together. It is an effective and efficient structure and process for running meetings.
Techniques for working in groups
Simple tools to help your meetings be more effective.
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