Tools and consultancy to help people listen to each other and work together better
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My services
This shows how the tools and consultancy about listening can help managers and organisations be more effective.
Business Highlights
This lists some of my most successful pieces of work. It may help you see how I could help you.
Business Services
This lists some of the services I offer with links to more information
Career Crisis Counselling
Individual and/or small group work to help people express their feelings about the crisis, decide what they want to do and work powerfully and effectively to achieve it.
Improving Systems
Helping the people who operate and use systems to improve them. This usually involves making systems much simpler. People work hard to carry out their own improvements.
Individual Consultancy
This helps people think more clearly and act more powerfully on the issues that are important to them. It gives busy people time and space to think.
Influencing Skills Training
This improves people's ability and willingness to influence others in a work setting and so help organisational and personal change. The skills are vital for effective and successful management.
Organisation Development
Work with internal consultants and managers to design and carry out activities, (workshops, surveys, training) to improve organisational effectiveness and culture.
Process Development
Sometimes you identify needs where there is no obvious solution or approach. Then it is fun to work together to create a brand new process. Some examples follow.
Profiling identifies what the best performers in a group of job holders do and how they think. The profile aids development, training and recruitment decisions.
Realise your potential!
Core process work helps you realise your potential and discover your purpose.
Team Building
A Team Building workshop enables a team to tackle the most important issues it faces and to improve the way its members work together.
Who do I work with
I work as a facilitator not an expert, this means that my job is to help people think about and work on issues that don't have one right answer.
New Interests
This page lists those issues that I am currently thinking about or starting to work on. If these are matters that interest you, please contact me for an informal discussion.
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